Fan Clubs  Panthers Club 1983


The panthers were founded in 1983 and they represent the most fanatic supporter club of Panionios. Their position in the stands of the stadium is within the borders of Gate 3 which, in the days the club was founded, was behind the goal on St. Andreou Street. Nowadays, they sit in the corner of the big stand opposite the media and VIP stands and next to gate 2.

They have stood next to the team all these years with great passion supporting all the teams of Panionios (football, basketball, volleyball, water polo etc) all over Greece and Europe, making them a very unique and famous supporters’ club in Greece.

Their activities don’t stop after they finish organizing Gate 3. The Panthers also publish a very stylish monthly magazine, called “Panthers Voice” and some years ago they also had a weekly TV program along with a radio show concerning all the issues around the team. Their social profile is also outstanding with a variety of good will activities. The most important of those is the creation of a blood bank in which the donors are mainly members of the club and it is always ready for use for anyone needing help.

The central club of the Panthers is next to the entrance of gates 2 and 3 on St. Andreou Street and is open every afternoon for anyone wanting to pass by and sign up or just have a chat with the lads about issues concerning the team of Panionios and Panthers in general.

Nowadays the Panthers are considered almost as the same body with the team of Panionios. The press always refers to the players of the team as being panthers after they celebrate big successes and wins in the league. The Panthers also have shares of Panionios GSS showing how integrated the fan club is with the team.

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